Sunday, July 13, 2008

Using Pkremote

In the last post we did install Pkremote written by Pontus Lidman. The goal of the application is stated in the pkremote README file:

"Control Pentax K10D remotely & download pictures without using a memory card, just like Pentax Remote Assistant(tm) 3."

So there you go. After having installed pkremote we take it for a first spin:

The application starts up presenting three windows:

  1. PK-Remote Camera Settings
  2. PK-Remote
  3. PK-Remote Camera Buffers

PK-Remote Camera Settings

Once the camera is recognized by pkremote this window will allow you to control the camera:

You can adjust he Jpg settings to your liking on the rigth hand side. On the left you can choose the camera mode, aperture, shutter speed, iso settings and the exposure correction. I didnt check if the "green button" and "AE lock" buttons work...


The Pk/remote windows shows you the preview and all focus points of your camera. If you click one the focus point will checked (green color). Once you click the Focus button, the AF will be activated. The take picture button will let you, you might habe guessed it, take a picture. The upper part of the windows informs you about the camera setting chosen while taking the picture.

PK-Remote Camera Buffers

The last windows will displays the pictures in the Camera buffer, aka the pictures that have already been taken.

If you work in manual mode, click on a picture and you can either delete it, or save it using the appropriate buttons and the format chosen in the drop down menu. You can save in Pef, Jpg or Dng format.

You can also setup an autosave mode. Check the autosave check box and choose a name in the "Name" text field. Set the counter to the first sequence number ("1", if you start a new shooting session). Enter a valid path in the "Folder" textfield pointing to the folder where to store you images. You can also navigate there using the "Browse" button. Any picture taken from that point on, will be saved ASAP after expoure.


Anonymous said...

Do you know, if it works with a K200D, too?

helmerj said...

Hi Harald,

I dont know, since I don't own that camera. The website states though, that only the K10D is supported. Just try it and find out I guess. Shouldn't hurt the camera I assume but don't take my word on it...

Cheers Juergen